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Used Book Buyback

We developed the additional Booksaurus application for Bookware in order to make it easier for campus bookstores to buy and sell used books. This application—fully integrated with all Bookware POS terminals—offers cashiers real-time information on your store’s current buyback list, as well as partner wholesalers.

Why Sign Up?

Used books are an important component of your bookstore’s textbook sales. Given the price of post-secondary education, students are always looking for savings where they can find them. By offering them a robust system through which they can buy and sell used textbooks, you help ease their financial burden and allow them to focus on their studies.

But by signing up to Booksaurus, you also acquire a great deal of used book buying and selling power. This application automatically maintains your order lists and enters purchased books into inventory in real time.

With Booksaurus, buying and selling used textbooks at the point of sale has never been easier!

How Does it Work?

Every time a book is requested through the course planning application, a buy-back list is generated based on the used book buy percentage for that course. This list is then uploaded to the Booksaurus database, allowing cashiers to immediately start buying back the titles requested at all locations.

Customers can simply bring books to the point of sale, where cashiers can buy it back if it is in demand. If the book is not in demand by the store or a partner wholesaler, they can be notified automatically should it ever be requested.

The seamless integration of the Booksaurus application with your current store operations makes it the easiest way to put more used books on your store shelves, increasing sales and profits without a significant increase in labour.

Perhaps most important, you will be helping students by offering them ready access to affordable classroom materials.

Buyback Notifications

Because the Booksaurus buy-back registry is integrated with your e-Store, customers can simply click “Notify me when the bookstore is buying back my books” in the checkout and receive updates as they become available. This simple feature will help you better manage your book buybacks and offers an excellent way to increase your supply of affordable used textbooks for your customers.