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Live Support

We’re very proud of the service levels we offer our customers. We know it’s one of the main reasons we have built such enduring relationships over the years. Ask any one of our customers and they will likely say the same thing: the name Carleton Technologies is synonymous with service excellence.

We provide our own live support through our in-house technical experts. We developed our products internally, so it makes sense to service them that way as well. This ensures that our customers get expert POS repair and service advice from the very people who work to make your business more profitable every day.

Installation & Training

We want the POS system purchasing experience to be as seamless for you as possible. We ensure that your system contains all the information you need to start processing sales before the terminal arrives at your store.And while the basics of the point of sale application can be learned in under an hour, with on-site supervision (which is almost always the case when a new customer goes live), we offer a full range of additional training options and resources to help you get the absolute most out of our software.


It takes more than just the right software to streamline your business. Our consultants will listen to your unique business needs and recommend best practices to ensure you are getting the most out of your Point of Sale solution. With decades of experience working with other businesses, our consultants will ensure you are taking full advantage of technology.


While FastLane arrives ready to go, we also work alongside our clients to develop applications customized to their unique needs. We have more than 25-years experience developing applications for retail stores, bookstores, non-profit retail centres, multi-store environments and more. But if we don’t have the specific feature or application that meets your needs, we’ll work with you to build it!

Hosting Services

Carleton Technologies has been hosting applications for our customers for over a decade. All of our products are offered as a Hosted solution eliminating the need for onsite equipment and expertise to manage your Point of Sales solution. All you need is an Internet connection and we take care of the rest.

Ongoing Support & Upgrades

Carleton Technologies provides clients with unmatched levels of customer service and support. In-house experts—who helped develop the technology—support the customer whenever the need arises. Furthermore, we continue to support our technology even as we roll out new products. While we update our software at no extra cost we never impose mandatory upgrades on our clients. Upgrade when it’s convenient for you.

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