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Turnkey POS System


FastLane operates at the centre of your business and links every moving part together. Featuring detailed information on revenue figures and up-to-the-second inventory counts, our POS software puts all the information you need to manage your business exactly where you need it—at your fingertips.

With its clear and simple 15” touchscreen interface and full suite of business management applications, FastLane POS is both powerful and easy to use. Customers will enjoy fast checkout times, while your customer service team will enjoy a hassle-free point of sale application that they can learn quickly.

Managers and business owners will also enjoy the depth and flexibility of our PC/Mac-based inventory management client, which is completely integrated into the POS and runs from your office computer and is visible from anywhere in the world through an internet connection.

Our 100% Canadian POS system offers a turnkey business solution. Every checkout station includes everything you need to start processing sales the minute you go live.


  • Time-saving touchscreen adjustments to customer orders
  • Integrated debit and credit with Internet-based bank authorization (the fastest type available in the industry!)
  • Integrated gift and account cards
  • Scanner-friendly receipts
  • Item-search functionality
  • And a full-range of additional features to make processing sales an easy process


  • 15” touchscreen LCD display
  • Silent fanless construction
  • Integrated speakers
  • Durable and lightweight cast aluminum housing
  • Low voltage Intel Atom Dual Core 1.8 Ghz100 Mbps/1Gbps network port
  • 40-character customer-facing display
  • Elevated pole display (optional)


  • Fast, accurate, and durable
  • Scans up to 17 inch range
  • Four POS scanner upgrade options to choose from depending on your business needs


  • “Drop In and Print” paper loading
  • 30 receipts per minute (150mm/sec)
  • Quiet printing
  • Store logo and messaging functionality for receipt header and footer
  • No need for ribbon changes
  • 203 dpi resolution
  • Integrated cutter


Featuring a fanless design with no moving parts inside the unit, FastLane POS terminals operate completely silently. Also equipped with a silent high-speed thermal printer, the only thing you will hear while operating this machine is the conversation you are having with your customer.


In order to handle high-volume environments, the FastLane POS terminal is built on the concept of total integration of as many processes as possible. Integrated bank debit and credit, for example, eliminates the need for re-entering transaction totals into a bank terminal, reducing errors and accelerating the payment process.


IP-based integrated debit and credit card authorization—the fastest authorization possible—is both quicker and less expensive than dial-up bank lines, or stand alone Internet based terminals. Process orders quickly with your Symbol scanner, which features a 17-inch scanning range and can be operated handheld, or with an optional hands-free scanner stand. Supported by a wide range of timesaving features, FastLane POS really is the home of the 20-Second customer sales transaction at Checkout.


With its cast-aluminum dust-proof housing, the electronic components in your FastLane point of sale terminal are fully protected from the elements. Its ultra-low voltage processor keeps the components cool, prevents overheating and ensures energy efficient operation.

Carleton Technologies Interactive Feature Map

Additional Features

Your business isn’t identical to your competitors’, so why would your POS be? While FastLane is ready-to-go the day you receive it, it is a highly flexible and customizable program. Read more about how FastLane POS can be customized to your unique needs:

Custom POS Solutions

For more than 25 years, Carleton Technologies has adapted its applications and modules to meet the unique needs of our clients. These custom solutions help our customers get the very most out of their POS systems.

From custom applications for our FastLane Retail Management Solution to unique POS system configurations, we want to ensure you have the right system for your business needs.

Branded Pre-Paid Reloadable Cards

Reloadable pre-paid cards make your customers’ shopping experience more convenient by eliminating stress over having enough money or enough correct change when making a purchase. This is especially useful if your store sells low-priced, grab-and-go items such as coffee or snacks. Help your customers—and yourself—avoid prohibitive debit and credit fees on low priced items by offering this affordable and effective solution!

Carleton Technologies will work with you to develop custom, branded cards, which can be reloaded in-store. Contact us today to find out more about this great feature.