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Bookware POS

Designed With Campus Retail in Mind

Point of Saler (POS) takes on a new look and feel with a completely touchscreen based application. Now cashiers can edit an item in a transaction by selecting the item on screen and modify or remove it with a simple touch of a button.

Easy-to-read running totals, tax totals and subtotals provide cashiers with all the necessary information, presented in a clear and simple format.

  • Touch Screen Adjustments
  • Touch Screen Void
  • Unlimited Multi-Tender
  • Fully Integrated Bank and Debit Card
  • Automatic Bank Reversals
  • Integrated Sponsored Student Cards
  • Integrated Gift Certificate Cards
  • Integrated Account Cards
  • Global and Machine Configuration
  • Scannable Receipts
  • Scannable Web Orders
  • Item and Global Tax Shifting
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Sale Item Indicators
  • Barcoded Cashier Cards
  • Onscreen Product Flipbook

Faster and More Accurate Transactions

Integrated bank debit and credit eliminates the need for re-entering totals into a bank terminal, eliminating errors and accelerating the payment process.

All POS and bank information is printed on a single slip from a high speed printer. The printer ensures a quick delivery of the receipt, finalizing the transaction, allowing the cashier to immediately begin helping the next customer.

The Fastest Bank Authorization Possible

Bookware Point of Sale (Bookware POS) offers IP based integrated debit and credit card authorization, the fastest authorization possible. The IP bank interface is quicker and less expensive than high speed bank lines and encrypted for complete security.

Because each POS terminal is independently connected to the IP interface, there is no central server which can crash, leaving your cashiers helpless.

Highly Versatile Cash Registers

The new POS cash register hardware is a touchscreen system made of durable cast aluminum designed to withstand everything from a busy bookstore during rush to outdoor remote events. With its compact all-in-one design, 90-degree tilting displays, and integrated speakers, it has the power and performance to handle high volume environments.

Bookware POS registers are fully equipped with:

  • Silent high speed thermal printers that offers 2 colour printing, ‘drop-in and print’ paper loading, store logo capabilities and recessed cable connectors, all packaged in a small footprint
  • Scanners made by Symbol with an 11-inch scanning range for fast, accurate and reliable scanning
  • A 40 character customer display that allows customers to easily watch the progress of their transactions.

Bookware POS is a drop-in replacement for Carleton Technologies’ previous POS V4 Solution and is completely integrated with the Bookware Campus Retail Solution.

With its clear and simple graphic interface, Bookware POS increases throughput while reducing reconciliation time by decreasing cashier error.

This new and completely Canadian system is the fastest, most efficient way to process retail sales.

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