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Inventory & Kitting


The Inventory program allows you to easily create new items and specify item-specific attributes,Inventory such as item-specific return policies or multiple quantity ordering. At every level Bookware supports both general merchandise and textbook items, including integrated support of both new and used copies of textbooks. Bookware is the perfect inventory solution for campus retail stores everywhere.

Once an item has been created, it is available for use throughout the system. Each item is tracked as it moves through the purchasing process, and the item history is easily accessible.

Inventory counts are performed using scanners and bar coded count sheets. Detailed inventory reports can be printed for count discrepancies as well as sell-through analysis and profit reports.


The Kitting program enables your store to easily assemble inventory packages, making it an ideal tool for creating course packs, selling computers assembled in-store or including a bonus product with purchase.

The Kitting program manages the ordering and inventory for all the component pieces for that kit. When a kit needs to be built, Kitting will produce a picking list for all the component pieces which the final product requires.

With the Kitting program: inventory replenishment can be controlled by setting minimum inventory levels for components; final products are tracked by the Inventory program; and projection reports can be created to determine how many kits will be needed and therefore how many component pieces need to be ordered.

The kitting process is completely reversible: a final product can be “unbuilt” and all the component pieces returned to inventory for individual sale, for use in other kits or for return to a supplier. The reverse kit is also a useful feature when pre-stocked displays are received in store. The display can be defined as a kit of component parts and then “unbuilt” into those parts for better inventory tracking.

  • Customizable reports
  • Perpetual inventory
  • ISBN-13 conversion and support
  • Image support
  • Multiple departments and warehouses
  • Audit trail and stock movement
  • Sales analysis
  • Scannable inventory counts
  • Item data export
  • Builds packages with multiple components
  • Fully integrated with Requisitioning, Purchasing, Inventory and e-Commerce
  • Automatically produces a picking list
  • Updates inventory for each component
  • Includes customizable kit templates
  • Kits are completely reversible


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