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Bookware eSolution

The Bookware eSolution is Carleton Technologies’ answer to the on-line needs of your campus retail store. It’s a flexible tool for giving your campus retail store the e-commerce edge.

Providing students and staff with an easy-to-use website, the eSolution is fully integrated with Carleton Technologies’s Bookware Campus Retail Solution, which means that students can access accurate information about course textbooks and availability, and existing campus retail store staff can easily maintain the website and process e-commerce orders without additional training.

  • Easy-to-use on-line catalogue software
  • Course specific textbook searches
  • On-line course adoptions
  • Fast search engines
  • Integrated with existing debit and credit systemsFully integrated with Bookware
  • On-line data accurate to 10 minutes
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • On-line page editor
  • Optional hosting by Carleton Technologies
  • No re-entry of orders

Search Engines

Fast, flexible search engines are an important element of any on-line business; if your customers have to wait while locating products, they will look somewhere else. Carleton Technologies knows the importance of quick search results and as such the eSolution provides you with the fastest search engine technology available.

The “Quick Search” general product search engine provides images and product information with a few clicks of the button. Searchable by Title, Author, Keyword, Publisher, or ISBN, the “Quick Search” provides your customers with the information they’re looking for. The search results pages are customizable, enabling you to provide the search information in a format which will be the most useful for your customers.

Textbook Sales

Carleton Technologies understands the important role textbook sales play in the life of your campus retail store. The textbook search engine was created specifically for Canadian College and University campus retail stores to provide students with a quick and easy-to-access method of buying the textbooks they need, both new and used, for the courses they have chosen.

The eSolution uses a step-by-step process for guiding students through choosing their campus, term, and courses, making it easy to find the textbooks they need. Once the desired courses are selected, students are one click away from accessing all the textbook information they will need for that entire term.

Because of the eSolution’s integration with Bookware Campus Retail Solution, all textbook information on the website is accurate, with in-stock numbers updated every 10 minutes.

On-Line Catalogue

The eSolution’s On-Line Catalogue software provides your campus retail store with the best possible solution for selling hard-to-search-for items, such as clothing and giftware. The branching folder structure of the catalogue allows for easy searching of clothing types and sizes, and with up to 99 catalogues, each with 7 levels of folders, there will always be room for every product you sell.

All catalogue information appears on the website in a standardized format; the eSolution will even automatically resize the product image to create a standard-size thumbnail image, with the larger image only one click away. The On-Line Catalogue pages are completely customizable, enabling you to create the catalogue you want for your store. Because the On-Line Catalogue software was created with your bookstore in mind, it has an intuitive user interface so that it can be easily maintained by bookstore staff.

Flexible Shipping Options

The eSolution’s Flexible Shipping Options provide flexibility both for your campus retail store and for your customers. The eSolution allows you to configure your shipping options using several different variables, such as customer location, number of items in the order, and maximum charge. By customizing the shipping options and enabling customers to choose the shipping option which is best for them, your campus retail store can both optimize shipping costs and promote customer satisfaction.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

The seamless integration between the eSolution and the Bookware Campus Retail Solution provides your bookstore with an easy and cost-effective way of processing on-line orders. The eSolution automatically prints a barcoded picking list as well as a barcoded version of the customer’s credit card information, so that there is no time wasted with re-entry of on-line orders into Bookware POS; and because the on-line orders are processed through your current POS system there are no extra fees for on-line credit card authorizations.

If an item ordered on-line is currently out of stock, the eSolution will automatically create a backorder for that item in Bookware Campus Retail Solution and fill that order when the product arrives. The eSolution is able to keep your e-commerce costs, and the staff time required to fill an order, to a minimum, while maximizing your on-line revenue.

On-Line Course Adoption

The eSolution is more than just an e-commerce site; through the On-Line Course Adoption Software your campus retail store website becomes the connecting link between your textbook buyer and the instructors and professors who require those textbooks.

With an easy-to-understand interface, the On-Line Course Adoption Software makes it easy for remote users, the faculty members, to let the campus retail store know what textbooks they require for their courses.

Faculty members are able to view their course and textbook history. With a single click, they can re-adopt a past course’s textbooks. If new courses or texts are required, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for faculty members to adopt the exact courses and texts they desire.

Once the adoptions are made, your campus retail store’s textbook buyer can easily confirm these adoptions and order the textbooks, reducing communication time.


A completely secure e-commerce solution, the eSolution offers full-strength, 128-bit RSA encryption, secure communications protocols (SSLv2, v3, and TSL v1.0), support for X.509 certificate authentication and support for session catching for better SSL performance.

Carleton Technologies will completely configure your eSolution server whether you are hosting your own site or having Carleton Technologies host it for you.

Your On-Line Solution

Because the eSolution was built specifically for Canadian College and University campus retail stores, its functionality and scalability will meet the demands of your ever-changing business. From every angle, Carleton Technologies’s Bookware eSolution provides the most user-friendly, up-to-date, and cost-effective solution for your College or University bookstore on-line needs.

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