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At Carleton Technologies, we believe that your relationship with a high technology service provider doesn’t have to be cold and impersonal. That’s why we’ve built our POS software and hardware company around the promise of offering top-quality customer service in everything we do.

From in-person consultation and training that puts you directly in touch with FastLane and Bookware developers, we go the extra mile to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your solution.

FastLane and Bookware offer store managers a wide-range of business solutions guaranteed to give them control over their bottom line, including:

  1. Up-to-the-second information on your business costs, revenues and inventory;
  2. Affordable payment options ranging from low monthly rental payments to outright system purchases;
  3. Systems that arrive pre-configured and ready to start processing your store’s inventory on day one;
  4. An easy to use point of sale system solution that can be learned by your staff in under an hour;
  5. Complete integration with your inventory and web store, and your general ledger;
  6. 20-second checkouts;
  7. Software hosting with nightly backups and full IT support; and
  8. Zero risk!

Because of the low up-front cost and the fact that Carleton Technologies continues to own the POS hardware during the rental period, you can walk away at any time after your first year.

That said, once our customers experience our outstanding levels of support, they stay with us for a long time. In fact, many of the customers we started with over 20 years ago are still with us today.

Contact us today and try our point of sales systems for yourself.

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