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POS Equipment + Supplies

With over 25-years experience providing POS terminals to Canadian businesses, it should come as no surprise that our equipment has been updated a number of times. While we still support some of our original products, we’re especially proud of the direction our modern POS models have taken.


First, we’ve moved to the more user-friendly applications. Our newest POS terminals, for example, now feature 100% touchscreen functionality. Now cashiers have everything they need to serve customers right at their fingertips. Edit an item in a transaction by selecting the item on screen and modifying or removing it with a simple touch of a button—it’s just that easy.

Payment Integration

Integrated bank debit and credit eliminates data-entry errors and accelerates the payment process for the customer. To further increase our POS terminals’ efficiency, we offer IP-based integrated debit and credit card authorization, the fastest authorization possible! The IP-enabled bank interface is quicker and less expensive than dial-up bank lines and encrypted for complete security. Because of our fault-tolerant POS design, you can continue to process orders even if your Internet connection temporarily fails. The POS will automatically synchronize the data when your connection is re-established. Zero sales downtime means zero missed sales opportunities!

Silent, High-Speed POS Printer

All of our terminals are equipped with a silent high-speed thermal POS printer, “Drop-in-and-Print” paper loading, store logo customization and recessed cable connectors, all packaged in a small footprint that guarantees you don’t use much counter space.

The bottom line is that our POS equipment is highly affordable, reduces costly errors and is supported by the highest customer service standards in the POS industry. This new and completely Canadian system is the fastest, most efficient way to process retail sales. Contact us today and begin experiencing total control over your bottom line!