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Increased Cost Effectiveness

The seamless integration between the eSolution and the Bookware Campus Retail Solution provides your campus retail store with an easy and cost-effective way of processing on-line orders.

The eSolution automatically prints a barcoded picking list as well as a barcoded version of the customer’s credit card information, so that there is no time wasted with re-entry of on-line orders into Bookware POS. And because the on-line orders are processed through your current POS system, there are no extra fees for on-line credit card authorizations.

If an item ordered on-line is currently out of stock, the eSolution will automatically create a backorder for that item in Bookware Campus Retail Solution and fill that order when the product arrives. The eSolution is able to keep your e-commerce costs, and the staff time required to fill an order, to a minimum, while maximizing your on-line revenue.

  • Fully integrated with Bookware
  • On-line data accurate to 10 minutes
  • No re-entry of orders
  • On-line page editor
  • Easy-to-use on-line catalogue software
  • Fast search engines
  • Course specific textbook searches
  • On-line course adoptions
  • Integrated with existing debit and credit systems
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Optional hosting by Carleton Technologies


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