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Bookware Inventory Management

Robust Inventory Management Systems For Your Campus Retail Store

Carleton Technologies built its reputation as a Canadian leader in inventory management systems, specifically in campus retail stores. These dynamic, diffuse, and every-changing environments provide most inventory management systems with insurmountable challenges. Due to rigorous auditing standards, campus stores need an inventory management solution adapted to their needs. Our signature software, Bookware, is that fully integrated solution.

Customers can solve their stock management challenges through a fully connected system that ties the cash register to your inventory system through to your Bookware e-store. Easily manage stock keeping units (SKU’s) numbering in the tens of thousands!

Bookware is built for dynamic, multi-store, multi-location environments. We offer our clients robust business and stock management solutions developed over our 25 years serving the Canadian retail industry.

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Accounting – Easily reconcile cash and inventory on a daily basis.
Receiving – Seamlessly move items from purchase order to inventory.
Inventory & Kitting – Manage in as much detail as you want and bundle different books together to create course manageable course packs.
Purchasing & EDI – Track purchase orders in one place and submit them electronically.
Requisitioning – Automatically generate requisitions based on pre-set inventory minimums and more.
Course Planning – Facilitate textbook ordering and discover your top performing course materials.
Order Processing – Create and process customer orders and integrate with the eSolution in real time.
Return Processing – Manage returns for every one of your vendors.
Fax & Email Server – Increase staff productivity and efficiency.
Booksaurus – A custom-designed platform to easily buy and sell used books. Track books as they are purchased by a cashier and have them available to sell again almost instantaneously.

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We’re here to help. Carleton Technologies staff are eager to help you resolve your most pressing inventory management challenges. With over 25 years experience solving problems for campus retail store owners and retail store owners alike, consider us a trusted adviser, whom you can call on at any time.

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