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Fastlane POS System


Customers can spend hours browsing your store’s products, but once they’ve made a decision they want minimal obstacles between them, their purchase, and the door. The checkout line is an obstacle that can never move fast enough.

That’s why Carleton Technologies developed FastLane—a Canadian point of sale (POS) system that simplifies how you process customer requests. Whether you’re completing a sale, processing an exchange or returning a product, FastLane’s 100% touchscreen POS terminal keeps your customers happy by keeping them moving.

But FastLane is much more than just point of sale software. It’s a fully integrated retail management system which incorporates inventory management and accounting. Better still, it is ready to go from day one. It offers Canadian retailers a key link between their online sales, their front end, their customer service operations and their inventory.

Why FastLane?

1. Integration: Spend less time counting stock and completing revenue spreadsheets and more time helping your customers and growing your business.

2. Affordability: While you can buy your POS terminal outright, Carleton Technologies also offers a flexible rental option for your point of sale system. Either way, you can enjoy the benefits of ongoing support, hosting and maintenance.

3. Plug and Process: FastLane is ready to process orders the day you go live.

4. Defining Simplicity at the Register: Staff can easily learn the intuitive touchscreen interface in under an hour.

5. Infinitely Customizable: FastLane can grow with your business. Carleton Technologies will work with you to develop custom applications as your needs change.

6. Service: Carleton Technologies is proud of its customer service track record.  We provide industry-leading technology as well as the service and support to back it up.

7. Speed: Process a customer’s sales transaction in as little as 20 seconds.

8. Support: Carleton Technologies provides customers with professional training, software hosting, nightly backups and full IT-support.

9. 25 Years and Counting: Carleton Technologies continues to support the hardware and software even when it is out of date, and we never impose upgrades on our customers until they are ready. Furthermore, our rental customers enjoy intelligently scheduled software updates that help them stay up to date on the current technology, without interrupting their day-to-day business.

10. Risk-Free Rentals: With other point of sale systems, you pay full up-front costs to purchase the hardware outright. If it breaks down, or it doesn’t fit your business, you’re stuck with the product. When you rent a FastLane POS, you can walk away any time after your first contract is over.