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POS Terminals


Your FastLane POS terminal features a 15” touchscreen display from which you can add and remove items in seconds.


Featuring a fanless design with no moving parts inside the unit, FastLane POS terminals operate completely silently. Also equipped with a silent high-speed thermal printer, the only thing you will hear while operating this machine is the conversation you are having with your customer.


In order to handle high-volume environments, the FastLane POS terminal is built on the concept of total integration of as many processes as possible. Integrated bank debit and credit, for example, eliminates the need for re-entering transaction totals into a bank terminal, reducing errors and accelerating the payment process.


IP-based integrated debit and credit card authorization—the fastest authorization possible—is both quicker and less expensive than dial-up bank lines, or stand alone Internet based terminals. Process orders quickly with your Symbol scanner, which features a 17-inch scanning range and can be operated handheld, or with an optional hands-free scanner stand. Supported by a wide range of timesaving features, FastLane POS really is the home of the 20-Second customer sales transaction at Checkout.


With its cast-aluminum dust-proof housing, the electronic components in your FastLane point of sale terminal are fully protected from the elements. Its ultra-low voltage processor keeps the components cool, prevents overheating and ensures energy efficient operation.

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