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Order Processing

The Customer Order program is used to create and process customer orders. Picking lists, packing lists and invoices are all generated for each customer order. Requisitions are automatically created for customer order items which are not in stock. When an item is received for a customer order, the receiver is notified that an allocated item is included in the shipment, and a picking list is printed from Receiving in order to fill the customer order.

The Customer Order program is integrated with the eSolution e-commerce software such that any order placed on your website appear automatically in the Customer Order program. All payment information entered by the customer is encrypted and is included on the picking list in bar coded form for payment through POS.

  • Automatic requisitions for order items
  • Automatic allocation of received order items
  • Bar coded picking lists
  • Packing slips and invoices
  • Integrated web orders
  • Encrypted credit card information


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