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Installation and Training

CTI offers both remote and onsite installation and training options.

The initial training days will be performed by an onsite trainer, with the option of subsequent days of training performed by an offsite trainer via webinar.

On Site Installation

On site installation includes initial consulting and meetings to discuss the customer’s unique needs. Meetings are held with all key stakeholders, such as the store staff, the IT department, and Finance department.

Our Point of Sale solutions can be installed either by CTI staff, or by the customer by following our easy to use installation guide. All cables are colour coded and labeled to simplify the installation.

On Site Training

We provide several training options, both on and off site. On site options include structured training on each module of our software, or less formal on-the-job sessions in small groups. Typically a mix is used in practice. In addition to on-site training, online training is also available.

For local customers, Carleton Technologies also offers training out of our main office in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Remote Training

Web based training using screen sharing software and teleconferencing is available for short training sessions. This option is attractive for follow-up training as well as training staff in multiple locations. Web training sessions can be recorded and are made available through our support site.