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Seneca College Bookstore

Has used BookWare since July 2011

How did you process orders before switching to Bookware?
A 1990’s POS system, which required printing and physically faxing orders. Switching to Bookware’s eFax meant we rarely print hardcopies of purchase orders now.

Why did you switch to Bookware?
The stores needed to upgrade to a faster, more reliable, flexible system that would take us into the next decade. In a comprehensive RFP process, CTI easily surpassed the competition in almost every area.

How long did it take for you and your employees to learn the Bookware system?
On average I would say a day or two to learn the basics. Similarities from module to module make it easier to learn. Interfaces are user friendly and intuitive. We are still mastering some areas as we leverage more advanced features and opportunities at our own pace.

How has Bookware helped your business?
Just a few examples: Transactions times at the registers now average a minute or less and there is no downtime at the cash registers. The suite of inventory management tools is extensive and helped us improve our return on investment. The new online adoption facilitated faculty/store communications and helped reduce order-processing delays.

Please describe your customer experience with Bookware
Obviously their online website for problem reporting is triaged, but response time is well within expectation, particularly with critical issues that impact service. We have always found the CTI support team to be prompt, proficient and patient. I personally regard it as a successful business partnership rather than just having a system provider.

Any additional things you would like people to know about Bookware and Carleton Technologies?
CTI delivered on all their RFP responses and CTI and the Bookware system are an intrinsic part of our day-to-day operations. Our staff now has a system that works for them, rather than one for which they have to make accommodations.

– Scott McCrady, Manager of Bookstore Operations, Seneca College