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Scouts Canada

FastLane Customer Since Fall, 2010

How did you manage your inventory before switching to FastLane?
We used Excel spreadsheets mostly, but some of our shops had dedicated POS systems.

How did you process orders before switching to FastLane?
We processed all of our orders manually.

Why did you switch to FastLane?
We wanted to have our stores integrated with the web.

How long did it take for you and your employees to learn the FastLane system?
It took all of our team 6 to 12 months to completely learn [every feature of] the system.

How has FastLane helped your business?
Our sales and inventory data is readily available and always up to date. Since moving to FastLane, we have processed 18,000 web orders.

Please describe your customer experience with FastLane.
Customer Service is very good. They are very attentive with customer service requests and are a pleasure to work with.

Any additional comments?
On a scale of 1 to 10 they rate a 10.

– Alan Mimeault, Retail Services Director, Scouts Canada